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If you are seeking a rewarding career in the healthcare industry, then becoming an ultrasound technician might be an excellent fit. However, to become a proficient specialist, you need to have a postgraduate certificate in ultrasound from a renowned university.

At Lifeway Training Center, we provide an international part-time program in the Middle East, affiliated to Glasgow Caledonian University UK (a renowned university for training in Obstetric Ultrasound). Since our program is an amalgamation of theoretical and practical knowledge, you get the right type of experience and understanding which evidently helps you to set off your career on the right foot.

Role and Responsibility of Ultrasound Technician

The ultrasound technicians are at the forefront of health care who specialize in high-pitched sound waves and form a clear imaging of organs, tumors, muscles and bones. Instead of X-Ray, you are equipped with the latest ultrasound tech which is harmless and examines all sorts of medical issues.
Coming to roles and responsibilities, the ultrasound specialist works directly with the patient and physician and provides reports on obstetrics & gynecologic, breast, abdominal, vascular and cardiac sonography. The examination report and scan results provide doctors an immediate conclusion and help in solving problems & making surgical decisions.

This requires your utmost precision and dedication, and you must be capable in the following aspect:

• In preparing the exam room with ultrasound technology with a motive to conduct examination and assist radiologist for procedure.
• Identifying and recording the appropriate anatomy and pathology using sonographic equipment.
• Appropriately caring for the ultrasound sonography and creating a report based on scan results & completion.
• Ability to solve problems and make decisions.
• Independently working with minimal supervision and with a team.
• Managing multiple projects and priorities in this fast-paced work environment.
• Professional development and patient care.

Qualified ultrasound technologists are able to find careers on a broad spectrum such as hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. It is predicted that the field is likely to increase with more lucrative job opportunities. If you are planning to Kickstart your career in ultrasound, then do stop by at Our postgraduate ultrasound courses are of the highest standard and make you proficient to seize the highest employment opportunity.

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